lin pulliam art

from my mind's eye

eat, sleep, read, paint

art has always been a major player in my life.

much, MUCH earlier, it was performing arts ... dancing and then fulfilling times in the theater.  times change and i briefly explored the magic of clay...

joyfully i discovered the brush and canvas ... now painting is a consuming passion.

this solitary journey has been one of my geatest pleasures as well as one of my greatest challenges.  to me it is capativating to make that first brush stroke on a blank canvas and in time, see a newly created image looking back.

i simply paint interesting characters either lurking in my imagination or found coming to life as i read historical novels.  it is really a joyful experience when they move from my mind's eye to the canvas.  in a way, for me, bringing my characters to life on the canvas is another performing art on my journey.  

some of my wildly varied crowd have found homes in private collections across the country.
  • Greenville, SC, United States